Bay window can be so designed!

Time: 2016-10-25

Bay window can be so designed!


Bay window is now a lot of home design necessary, and the diversification of the design of the windows, but also so many people began to focus on this area from the layout and re-use





First of all for small space, has the important role of saving space. It can be transformed into a functional storage space, filled with a lot of you do not know how to place the debris.










In the bay window on the soft mats and colorful pillow, it becomes a can relax, leisure area, you can view the scenery outside the window reading, nap daze; or placed in the middle of a position.




















Use of the living room and restaurant window area, you can increase the functions of the deck and lockers. Guests came, the sofa is not enough to more than one place to entertain them, while watching the scenery, while chatting or game, it is easy and comfortable.

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