Bay window is popular, you know what kind of counter-tops material that is more beautiful and useful?

Time: 2016-08-31

Bay window is popular, you know what kind of counter-tops material that is more beautiful and useful?

1.Wood boards

With wooden as counter-tops in winter will not feel cold, it seems relatively simple, the disadvantage is likely to be deformation after a long time sun drying, in case of rain hit the windows also easy to damp, the windows and the winter will be a lot of condensed water droplets flow table, the table also make wood panels damp deformation.

2.Ceramic tile

If you think artificial stone is very expensive, brick or mosaic can be use, tiles and mosaics with moisture effects of artificial stone, as is the seams, not so beautiful, you can play a wooden fence flowers for decoration, but income side of the issue not been resolved.


Artificial stone counter-tops bay window is the most common material, the advantage is not afraid of tide, no deformation, easy maintenance. The disadvantage is that in the cold winter will be cold, if you like the rest of the windows and on the table, then you must get blankets spread out.

4.Vinyl plank

Composite floor and the overall design must be coordinated. Composite floor neither be afraid tide, and sat on it without cold, and not expensive, but must pay attention to, before decorating design is sure to design windows and running again, and the floor has a good convergence , when the income side of the wood can be used, such excellent results, if there are remaining at home, then the floor just to make the best use.

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