A Modern Kiev Apartment that Feels More Like a Home

Time: 2017-05-02

A Modern Kiev Apartment that Feels More Like a Home

Designed for a young family with one child, Shelk is a residence in Kiev that was created by Da Group to feel like a private home despite it being an apartment. With an additional attic space, they were able to bring lots of natural light by installing dormer windows, as well as much needed additional square footage.


The light-filled upstairs feels much larger than it is, thanks to white walls, light wood floors, and minimal furnishings. A green hammock hangs in the communal space with a bedroom, dressing room, and children’s room surrounding it.


Another living space was designed under the sharp ceiling slant, complete with a modular sofa for optimal TV watching.


In the children’s room, they made a playspace with fake grass under the slanted roof which normally would have been wasted space.

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