Vinyl Floor|Residential and Commercial Use

Time: 2017-03-29

Vinyl Floor|Residential and Commercial Use

Vinyl floor can meet the needs of apartments, shopping malls, hotels, offices, etc. Various sizes and thicknesses are available for different usages. Here some suggestions will be made for you.

For Residential use:

Thickness / Wearlayer: 2.0mm / 0.2mm

                                         3.0mm / 0.3mm

Warranty: 0.2mm ------ 8 years

                   0.3mm ------ 10 years

For commercial use:

click vinyl floor is strongly recommended

Thickness / Wearlayer: 4.0mm / 0.3mm

                                         5.0mm / 0.5mm

Warranty: 0.3mm ------ 8 years

                   0.5mm ------ 15 years

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