How to make your home heating film into a landscape

Time: 2016-11-23

How to make your home heating film into a landscape


Attention to the block, add the outer frame


Since it feels ugly exposed, then in the decoration, it directly on the packaging.The formation of the frame or the closet, the radiator hide, so that the appearance will be completely do not see, of course, to remember to leave a good grid gap, or is not conducive to heat.







Change the color, enhance perception


In general, most of the family radiator for the white, was some monotonous. But the home environment are decorated well, not because the radiator and go to war, is there a more convenient way?

We can start from the color, select the non-toxic water-based paint, do-it-yourself change the color radiator!









Add the table and place simple items


It is no way to hide the radiator, then it is better to let it openly exposed.Directly above the radiator set up a simple table, as a decorative table, diversion of sight at the same time beautify the radiator.



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