PVC flooring construction should pay attention to several issues in winter!

Time: 2016-11-17

PVC flooring construction should pay attention to several issues in winter!


As the northern hemisphere winter is coming, many projects are planned to be completed before Christmas, so the project duration of pressure, the owners often require construction units to compress the construction period, and the quality and quantity to complete the project, do not consider whether the project site is available Construction conditions.


In order to better complete the PVC flooring of the project construction, the construction unit in the flooring construction must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the PVC floor construction process, must not be blind due to the duration of the construction site to ignore the conditions, otherwise the loss is immeasurable , It must arouse great attention!


PVC flooring construction in the winter should note the following points:

1, The ground temperature is low, can lead to self-leveling cement to reduce the strength after solidification.

2, The ground if wet, can lead to self-leveling cement drying is not sufficient.

3, To test whether the self-leveling cement base is fully dry, requires moisture content of less than 4.5%.

4, The ground temperature is low, can lead to plastic flooring and adhesive is difficult to fully paste.

5, Due to temperature, the adhesive curing speed is slow.

6, The entrance or doors and windows near the lower temperature, the construction of the first to test whether the minimum temperature requirements of construction standards should be avoided in the poor insulation of the base surface of the PVC floor construction.

7, As the indoor temperature is low, can affect the adhesive part of the physical or chemical indicators.

8, Due to the indoor temperature is too low, can cause different degrees of PVC floor hardening, contraction.


Low temperature period to pay special attention to, do the following preventive measures to avoid the consequences of poor construction.


1, the first is to measure the construction site of the ground temperature, if less than 10 ℃, can not be construction; 12 hours before and after construction, can take the necessary measures to maintain the indoor temperature of at least 10 ℃, but the ground temperature requirements of less than 28 ℃. Self-leveling cement should be completely cured after the test strength is in line with construction requirements.


2, Construction adhesive and PVC floor will be stored in the construction site with the construction temperature; if the PVC sheet (on-site conditions) as far as possible open the sheet, so that PVC floor recovery memory.


3, due to temperature, the curing speed of the adhesive is slow; to prevent the plastic flooring and adhesives after the stripping occurs, you must use the pressure roller repeatedly rolling, so completely paste.

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