Ideas for the House | Lighting design fashion

Time: 2016-11-16

Ideas for the House | Lighting design fashion


"The light in the space is like the air to the life"


In the interior design process, the natural use of space in the "light line", it appears to increase the level of indoor environment, a rich light environment, only the life.

But many owners often ask designers such a question, "Why should the design of light line?" Both increase the cost, but also consider the maintenance, there will be light pollution? Visual really good?

But in fact most people do not know who is the first to use this design approach, and the purpose of such a design.

Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson

The two masters pioneeredthe concept "Light washing" .That is, with a number of hidden light source to the wall evenly illuminated.

They first in the Mies van der Rohe led the design of Seagram buildings lighting design using the "Tower of light" concept, so that rough porous limestone material produced a very clean and elegant effect

From this "Light washing," the design approach has been in use today, the lights hidden in the ceiling, wall or floor to outline the contours of the space to become the designers like to use one of the lighting practices.

In a simple style of design, the light zone can make the interior space more stylish

Light with the role of not only beautiful, but also to increase the space of auxiliary lighting for the space to become more bright.



In the cabinet to increase the internal lights played a role in the finishing touch.

The combination of lamp belt and shelf has both functional and good lighting effects.

Bands of light under the partition to the small room from the visual look more spacious.

Now a lot of designers are very good at the "Light washing" this approach to use, but the truth may not be able to say.

Then take a look at lighting master Richard Kelly of the three principles of light.

1.Focal Glow

2.Ambient Luminescence

3.Sparkling of Brilliants



Focal Glow 

The meaning of the focus of light is the need to focus on the location of the lighting must be very bright, such as the sale of goods need to be lit, stair step, the hotel under the canopy of the lobby ... ...



Ambient Luminescence

The Ambient Luminescence as if the open fields of light, snow shining in the early twilight, the evening lakeside against the sunset against the water. Although the environment is not directly light, but the light has changed Environmental light can generate a "shadowless lighting."



Sparkling of Brilliants

The Sparkling of Brilliants is like a spray on the creek,the sun shines through the window cave and shines into the room,the candle and crystal light spot in the ballroom can stimulate the nerves of the person. It is dynamic and colorful.


Most designers often use the lights with the reason is to increase the indirect lighting, eliminate shadows, reduce glare, rich spatial level, no matter how the modern design changes or to comply with the lighting master Kelly's principle of light.

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