Gap hidden a huge storage function at home , do you know?

Time: 2016-11-14

Gap hidden a huge storage function at home , do you know?


How to tidy up things in home?You always think you home is too small,there are always some things cannot be hid.Right now, you may try your sofa a move forward with a shelf! Of course is not only the sofa.


1. Sofa

Generally speaking, we will be the sofa placed against the wall, a rack on the back, just put the sofa a bit forward, you can  have more space to put a lot of things, even the decorations!











2. bed

In addition to the sofa, head of bed can also meet our storage needs, and absolutely does not affect the appearance, can also play the role of decoration. The shelf made a push and pull mode, easy to take things












The refrigerator slightly moving to 10cm, put down the shelf that can hold no more! And complete chaos hidden, absolutely perfect way!







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