Standard for classification of fire resistance of PVC flooring

Time: 2016-11-11

Standard for classification of fire resistance of PVC flooring


When we buy PVC flooring, manufacturers are introduced to us often referred to the fire retardant properties of PVC flooring, the fire resistance to B1 level. Let's take a look at how this level is divided:

China's national standard GB8624-97 the combustion properties of building materials will be divided into the following levels.


(1) Class A: non-combustible Building materials: almost no combustion of the material.


(2) B1 level: flame-retardant building materials: flame-like material has good fire-retardant effect.In the case of the fire in the air or under high temperature difficult to fire, not easy to spread quickly, and when the fire away immediately after the combustion to stop.


(3) B2 level: flammable building materials: combustible materials have a certain flame retardant effect. In case of fire in the air or under high temperature will immediately fire burning, easy to cause the spread of fire, such as wooden pillars, wooden frame, wooden beams, wood staircases and so on.


(4) B3 level: flammable Building materials: without any fire-retardant effect, easy to burn, the fire is very dangerous.


From the above classification we can see that the quality of qualified PVC floor fire performance is B1 level, so that PVC floor has fire retardant properties. State regulations PVC floor fire rating must be B1 level.


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