Ideas for the House | Hanging clothes

Time: 2016-11-07
Summary: Hooks, hangers, wardrobe,They have a strong practicality,They have a strong decorative

Ideas for the House | Hanging clothes


Hooks, hangers, wardrobe,

They have a strong practicality

They have a strong decorative


Hanging clothes is a small thing in life, but a beautiful and practical hangers, brought not only clean and tidy, but also to enhance the quality of life.



Hanger design at the entrance will be used at home temporary collection function together, can be used to properly place clothes, shoes and accessories.





Fixed in the ceiling of the rack in recent years, such a large heat, simple wood and metal pipe of the minimalist, each has its advantages.





Modular design with a combination of shelves can have a variety of ways, put clothes hanging clothes affordable.







Coat rack, sort out not only clothes, as well as life and mood.

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