Green space, home decoration with naturla elements

Time: 2016-11-04

Green space, home decoration with naturla elements


Natural color is the eternal inspiration of home improvement, fresh plant color and full of natural side is always able to bring more vitality to home, just as this small space, with green and plant decoration elements, its beauty makes people feel Comfortable.




 Garden-style home with bright colors of furniture, such as dinette, sofa cushions ,the natural carpet, it also make the overall permeability of space is very strong. Even slightly mottled traces, it will not affect the visual effects, but the formation of a wild beauty, add flavor to life.


Workspace design can be regarded as the biggest highlight of the entire apartment. A whole surface of the butterfly specimen wall, wood desk with rich texture of brass tables and chairs, placed on the side is hand-woven bamboo basket, the combination of different materials also enriched the space level.


Bedroom layout relative to other space more comfortable. Choose a large number of printed fabrics to decorate the surrounding walls. All the patterns around the plant flowers and start, a single product of blue-green bed more fitting to the plant element-based theme, gives the impression that the exposure to the garden in general.


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