Spent a whole year, he change an abandoned church into a single-family house

Time: 2016-11-01

Spent a whole year, he change an abandoned church into a single-family house


Never thought to be able to live in a church, when I saw the collaboration through the Ken Ken designer and Talen and Scrafano architects, the idea was fulfilled. The 5500-square-foot project is an old church in Chicago, Illinois, turning it into a single-family home with three children.


Not everyone can combine modern and primitive stained glass, along with other existing elements, but they did.


The main living area has a 25-foot ceiling, very wide. In this room, they maintain a neutral, cohesive palette that helps to unify each designated space.


The kitchen is very simple and surrounded by historic glass.

The white oak flooring is kept mainly from feeling too cold and vivid.





















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