Autumn and winter days, you need to upgrade to warm your home

Time: 2016-10-27

Autumn and winter days, you need to upgrade to warm your home


Unconsciously, the northern hemisphere weather has quietly entered the late autumn, in addition to change seasonal clothes, the home environment with the cold temperature will have to take adjustments. All in all, both from the practical point of view or from the visual point of view, we need to make some small changes in the home.


Less some of the ice feels cool decorations, add more warm thickness jewelry, and then use warm earth color to wrapup home, add a little bright and warm to embellish this winter.




Winter dontr need most desolate cold color, as long as the color is thick enough, warm enough, can make the home warm and cozy, like the point of the stove. Pantone color authority have released a series of the 2016 fashion colors for autumn and winter , their quarterly color is not only released by the fashion brand as a popular reference color clothing, home is the same.


2016 autumn and winter of the ten popular colors is based on earth color, including Sharkskin, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Spicy Mustard, Potter's Clay, and relatively bright color like Aurora Red and Bodacious, there are fresh Riverside, Airy Blue, Lush Meadow . These natural colors clean and fresh, low-key and elegant, with the eyes can be seen as a smell of dirt and wood taste.






Warm Taupe




Wine red





Smoke Gray-blue





Spicy Mustard





Dark green







Summer needs glass, marble, silver metal such elements, the sun shines on the objects reflect the high light, feel the ice cool touch.In the Winter, we hope that their sofa and bed will always be filled with a variety of soft pillows and blankets, can easily fall asleep lying down; hope there is warm foot on the floor of the carpet, whether it is the next sofa or bed, will not step on the cold floor tiles; the table has been lit candles, not only flash of fire flashing, feels warm hands; Think of nature and firewood, the best on the wood desktop also stood a cup of hot cocoa ...


Pillows and blankets














Wood furniture
















In addition to the cold winter days, the most obvious feature is the daytime short, long night. At this time, if the home has some plants, people will feel the vitality in this "lifeless". Whether narcissus, hyacinth or calla lily, are the summer dormancy, autumn and winter budding plants. In addition, all kinds of orchids are also suitable for planting in the autumn and winter plants. In addition to seasonal fresh plants, plug in some dried flowers is also a good choice.








Finally, of course, a suitable coffee cup, which filled with warm hot drinks, and then wrapped in blankets holding the cup, watching the book ,in this fall and winter home time, perfect!

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