This red house won the Stirling Prize in this year

Time: 2016-10-21

This red house won the Stirling Prize in this year


British architectural design firm Caruso St. John Architects with the design of the Newport Street Gallery, won the British Royal Architectural Society awarded the Stirling Prize this year.


As the British architectural design industry's most prestigious award, the intensity of the competition is not difficult to imagine.The judges commented on the gallery: "A very bold attempt, with a very clever solution, to achieve the new and old poetic coexistence."


The whole gallery is harmoniously combined with the surrounding buildings



The special feature of the whole building is the mix of old and new. A closer look will tell you that the building as a whole is made up of five houses.


Located in the middle of the three buildings have a long history, built in 1913, in the Victorian period for the West End theater production of wood and landscape painting workshop.The two on both sides of the building is new, one of the roof was a unique dentate, the top with a glass window light. In order to achieve harmony with the three old buildings in the visual, designers use a special red brick to decorate the external walls of the new building.In the side of the track facing the old building on the wall was also hung up the LED board.



In appearance, the five buildings because the use of a common red brick elements, are closely linked into a whole, but retain each other's personality, low-key to add some modern elements.Inside, the five buildings are connected, and the open space can accommodate different sizes and different types of works.The wooden spiral staircase on both sides of the building is a highlight, with a white brick and natural light, a geometric beauty was presented.





The whole building have a good lighting, highlighting the fine details of the design of the stairs, but also to improve the brightness of the entire exhibition space while enhancing the degree of open space.



The gallery, which is located in the south of London, was officially opened to the public free of charge last year, featuring private art collections by famous British artist Damien Hirst. Mentioned him, it may be natural to think of the shark was soaked in a glass filled with formaldehyde.


As an artist who led the British art scene in the 1990s and won the Turner Prize of the British Visual Arts Awards of the Year, Hirst's collection is both spectacular in quality and quantity;Among the more than 3,000 art collections on display at the gallery are Francis Bacon, the famous British painter born in Ireland, Tracey Emin, a famous British artist, and works by Picasso and others.


And to match with the internal exhibits, the gallery building design requirements will not be low. Hirst's request is "loyal to history", "not offensive and beautiful." Caruso St. John Architects design to achieve these points, Hirst I also very satisfied.


The gallery design won the Stirling Prize, no doubt for this gallery to play a huge advertising. Hirst has always wanted to build a building to the public the dream of great art, will be a step by step to achieve.


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