Indoor flower arrangement, feel the flowers bring a better life!

Time: 2016-10-20

Indoor flower arrangement, feel the flowers bring a better life!

The origin of floral art is attributed to the love of flowers, through the design of flowers, expressing a mood to experience the true and bright life. Floral arrangements can be divided into the East-style flower arrangement, Western-style flower arrangement.


Chinese style indoor floral design


Chinese flower arrangement, has a long history, it advocates the natural, simple and elegant, rich in profound meaning.


It uses the flowers do not seek many, just insert a few sticks will be able to play the finishing touch effect. Modeling more use of green leaves to hook line, set off.


Form is the pursuit of lines, composition of the perfect and change, respect for nature, the most beautiful is that like a natural stretch.










Western-style indoor floral furnishings


Western-style flower arrangement is more full-bodied, and the Chinese walk a different way, but still glamorous and moving.


Western-style flower arrangement, pay attention to color rendering, emphasizing decorative lush, arranged for many forms of various geometric shapes, the performance of the art of artificial beauty and design. American-style dining table above the general and ultimately, this flower arrangement embellishment, of course,dinner has become a particularly elegant thing.


It can be strong colors gorgeous, warm and unrestrained, you can also elegant fresh and natural.









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