Retro fairytale castle residence

Time: 2016-10-10

Retro fairytale castle residence


The castle is a private residence in Santiago Madrid, Spain, the entire space design is full of retro style, designed by the Lorenzo Castillo firm completed.






Designer deliberately chose the warm furniture and decorations, with gray space in the space is very quiet and comfortable. Style of a series of hanging paintings, unique shape of the lamp, the corner of the rotary staircase, the modern style hit the old soul of the retro furniture, two kinds of history flavor strong style, with them hit it off!



Continuation of the living room and dining kitchen style, indispensable paintings and various small decorative objects.






Into the bedroom, the tone instantly transformed into a classic black and white, private space and therefore become more quiet. With plenty of space, can be seen everywhere retro style presented by the fine and adhere to the overall style without losing the details of this fairy-tale retro castle residential, is very attractive!

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