New home has a smell how to do?

Time: 2016-09-28
Summary: New furniture in the newly renovated home is indispensable, however, the new furniture will always smell, make people uncomfortable.

New home has a smell how to do?


New furniture in the newly renovated home is indispensable, however, the new furniture will always smell, make people uncomfortable. One of the many kinds of toxic pollutants, of which the main harmful gases are radon, formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, then the new furniture taste how to do? Then we take a look at the smell of the new furniture approach!


New furniture smell is very normal, how to deal with it? First of all, we can carry out physical adsorption of new furniture, and remove the smell of new furniture is mainly activated carbon, HEPA and so on. This physical adsorption can only temporarily adsorb certain contaminants. Then the wind speed and temperature reached a certain degree of time, before the adsorption of harmful substances is likely to be free out. Therefore, we must promptly replace the activated carbon.


In fact, the newly renovated new house, which is all new furniture, we should open all doors and windows, ventilation is the most important, which is more useful than adsorption. Fresh air can dilute the pollutants in the house, is conducive to indoor pollutant emissions; the other hand, fresh air can help decoration materials in the harmful substances released as soon as possible.


If it is the use of ventilation in addition to taste the new furniture, then this time do not live in new houses. If people live in, it will lead to the living space of the humidity and temperature, most of the pollutants will be released from the decoration materials, direct harm to the human body. In general, the new furniture in addition to flavor takes a month or two is enough, the longer the more secure.


We can also plant plants, we can go to the flower market to buy some formaldehyde can remove harmful decoration materials such as plants. For example: Monstera,Sansevieria trifasciata, aloe vera, Chlorophytum, violet, carnation, cycads, ivy and so on. These plants have an absorption of harmful substances in new furniture.

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In addition to the above approach, we can also use some of the less expensive means. Placed in the corner of the furniture, such as inside the closet, inside the cabinet, wine cabinet, coffee table inside to put some air fresheners, orange peel, camphor balls,but to keep in mind that sliding doors open, so that it is conducive to the release of harmful substances.


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