Comparison of old and new, to create unique dreamer.

Time: 2016-09-23

Comparison of old and new, to create unique dreamer.


For old buildings, the appropriate retention element is not only respect for architectural history, it is the sense of space story to be extended, if with modern furnishings, by contrast old and new, will be able to create a unique space atmosphere.


▲ The rental company by the The Plum Guide published in the apartment, the wall of the old building were retained after careful restoration back into use, to create a slightly mottled red brick,a retro space atmosphere, the use of modern furniture and decorative paintings mix and match old and new, wild and delicate brought sharp contrast, as a selling point, to demonstrate a very stunning visual effects.


Retain the original architectural pattern divided by mottled wooden steps descended these, and came to the kitchen area, white tones and warm wood elements appear clean and natural, abundant storage space also provides good conditions for the kitchen cool .


▲ The contrast of old and new design approach extends to the bedroom, in order to create a quiet and comfortable space atmosphere, the owner uses a lot of modern simple furniture, just a little a retro furnishings were bright embellishment.


▲ The original courtyard has also been retained, surrounded by vines, spread throughout the green space.

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