Cloakroom of this design is not only practical and durable, also very nice!

Time: 2016-09-21

Cloakroom of this design is not only practical and durable, also very nice!


Cloakroom becoming an important function space of family, the beauty of love dress is human nature, especially women, in the modern home life, cloakroom can be solved store clothing and dressing problems. How to design an ideal cloakroom, the follow design requirements must know!


1, starting from the ergonomic

Walk-in closet is designed to be "people-oriented", pay attention to the rational use of the storage function. Locker inside the main assembly formed by the plate, although the process is not complicated, but it is not easy to do well.


2, space utilization and optimization of the use ratio

Use of space and the use ratio, there are two, one is carved out of the building itself, one is through their own or a designer, re-partitioning space is divided up, in fact, the latter does not need a large space, enough on the line. Some usually wear very little clothing, it is best not to take up space, clean up after rectify them all to leave, and this is reflected in optimization of of the flow space.


3,Focus incorporate features

Cloakroom closet to use more open form, all the clothes are exposed, it is easy disorganized, a mess. Therefore, in the design, area division and segmentation board is very important.


4, the quality of hardware accessories

Wardrobe need for long-term use, the hardware is an important part of quality assurance.


5, environmental quality is important

Because cloakroom generally set in the house relatively closed place, so, for the good environmental performance cloakroom will consider next. Learn the raw material is the most important point, cloakroom overall raw materials, including lumber, borders, and accessories. Plate is the main constituent material, which directly determines the overall level of quality cloakroom


6, lighting design

Cloakroom generally don’t only consider the problem of windows and lighting, but also the use of closed design, can reduce the dust, but also to maximize the value of each space. Reasonable lighting is especially important, cloakroom lighting choice should not only take into account the aesthetic effect, also taking into account the actual use of room lighting.

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