Reject mediocrity ceiling design

Time: 2016-09-16

Reject mediocrity ceiling design


Often a flat ceiling, although some decorative or ceiling but overall is more boring. The following examples of creative ceiling which is absolutely not boring.


1.By design of the entire ceiling space becomes futuristic look.


2.In such a geometric design lights can be hidden under the ceiling.


3.The ceiling in this restaurant uses thousands of sticks and, after the construction they produce a patchwork of "cloud" effect.


4.This ice cream shop’s color ceilings by selling ice cream to receive their inspiration.


5.This restaurant's ceiling is a 3D device, like a cloud distributed by poplar production.


6.This Bangkok restaurant ceilings design inspired by the European teddy bear factory.


7.This Amsterdam Starbucks ceiling by 1876 Netherlands oak cut from independence.


8.Brandy bottle you want to be doing the ceiling ? Anyway, a Ukrainian brandy bar to do so.


9.Such a strip curves ceiling design light can be hidden in the them.


10.This office is covered with a white circle on the ceiling of the entrance.


11.The ceiling of a parking lot in Toronto, Canada by the 100 Art glass fiber composition.


12.Chinese hotel ceilings inspired by the crop circle.


13. The more than 10,000 thin white translucent fibrous material to create a unique look for this clothing store.

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