Floor use for wall design

Time: 2016-09-15

Floor use for wall design


In recent years, decoration style, the top of the wall or the

 floor covered wall is becoming increasingly popular.



People naturally have a sense of intimacy with wood.

If the desire to live in cabins is not achieved,

Might as well let the walls covered with wood floors.



Arrange alternative wood floor can also be

Uneven, increasing the sense of hierarchy,

Look more natural.



Wall wooden flooring use herringbone arrangement,

Simple but not monotonous.



Wood floor room walls also reflect the owner's interest in hobbies,

This seems to have a master carpenter heart.



In the bedroom walls arranged wooden floors,

You can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere,

Help you to sleep.



Floor walls crisis-cross,

Color depth changes arrangement,

Highlight the room owner unique fashion taste.



If the effect of drainage and ventilation of the bathroom doing well,

The attempt floor walls must be stunning effects.


Seriousness meeting room decorated floor walls,

The atmosphere seemed a lot easier.


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