It is important to choose the color of skirting

Time: 2016-08-30

It is important to choose the color of skirting

Skirting color wrong choice will seem very unexpected, such as the effect of the following figure:

Why must install skirting? The following reasons:

1. protect the wall, easy to clean, to prevent water splash on the wall, it is very easy to damage the wall.

2. Squeeze the corner, flooring and paving tiles will be slit into a corner when it is difficult to close the edge, leaving a gap may cause deformation of the wall or tile arch.

3. In order to appearance, skirting linear, material, color, etc. can be echoed with windows, door pockets, better landscaping decorative effect.

Skirting achieve appearance, in fact, it is very simple, just choose the color and texture. To sum up Skirting color selection is generally the following three points:

Generic white:

Skirting and door sets of the same color:

The overall perception will be complete and one integrated mass kind of feeling, difficult to abrupt

Skirting and floors sets of the same color:

Use color effect floor will be extended, it will appear larger house

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