How to create a secret interior garden

Time: 2016-08-29

How to create a secret interior garden?

Today, frequent fog and haze, PM2.5, live in the city where people complain about all of them have bad air. Outdoor environment we are not controllable, but the air in the room is that we can find ways to purify. In addition to air purifiers, another large artifact is a natural purifier of the green. Green plants can not only purify the air, you can also decorate the home or office environment. They are healthy, lush, symbolizes the rhythm of life and prosperity. If the endless green flavor into the interior, not only can help reduce stress, calm irritability, it allows us to be more close to nature, to enhance the vitality, bring harmony and balance to life.

From a scientific point of view the benefits of green plants, it is not finished a few words speak. Like aloe, Chlorophytum, Sansevieria, Pleiones, Monstera are natural scavenger of harmful gas formaldehyde city has superior absorption capacity. The volatile oils rose, osmanthus, violets, jasmine, lemon, roses and other aromatic flowers produce a strong bactericidal effect. Cactus, Epiphyllum, lotus, these plants can increase the negative ion.

Last year, Nanjing Bureau of Parks's experts put on indoor plants can improve air one that was tested and found like white palm, evergreen, Tiger Piran, aloe, spider plants, green radish and other evergreen leaves of plants are reduction of PM2.5 pollutants have utility. And air pollution particles finer, stronger plants cut role, and the smaller the particles, the impact on health is often the largest. Seen from a health perspective, the family is placed in plants and necessary. In addition, the indoor temperature is high, the light intensity conditions, plants better for PM2.5 reduction effect. Experts also home to a variety of plants were often put "anti-haze" experiment, we found that the cedar for PM2.5 cuts strongest effect, followed by sweet-scented osmanthus and privet.

In addition to science, we have to consider aesthetics. Display of plants to consider room size, lighting conditions, as well as personal preferences. Some shade-tolerant plants, some plants love the sun. Arrangement should take into account the room lighting, the foliage is too dense flowers, resulting in a large shadow placed in the middle of the room will give the room. Thus, the Big tall foliage plants should be placed in a corner cabinet side, or behind the sofa.

Some people living a large space some people only live in a Dwelling Narrowness. In fact, as long as the good use of space, it can open up one of their own secret garden. Of course there is a good of sun room, sun room, no, that is the balcony. Even if there is no balcony, it does not matter, you can also take advantage of the window sill.

Transparent containers is a simple low-cost and  host can unlimited play design creative ways.

In addition, a variety of containers can be used to grow plants. Whether bottles, or used cans , or is abandoned shelves, even if it is cloth, can be used as a container.

They can be placed on the shelves:

Place on the table:

Place on the wall:

You can also hang in the air:

Bathroom toilet to put plants in the effect is great

In recent years, green wall has become a very stylish home decor, living room, porch, stairs, with the side wall of the plant, a new look at home immediately, vibrant.

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