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What is Authentic Texture (EIR)?

For those who strive for the best-looking floor and high durability, we have prepared an absolute novelty. Our new EIR collection is made using embossing technology that perfectly resembles a wooden structure on a plank. The EIR (embossed in register) technology we are using allows us to achieve higher resolution of embossing, meaning a higher density of details enriching the surface of planks. EIR has more knots, grain, clear figures, and small indentations that create the real wooden characteristics of the plank. A beautiful matte surface will gently emphasize the beautiful finish of the floor.

Is your flooring Pet Friendly?

Yes, All hanflor products are Floorscore Certified, free of harmful chemical contents like formaldehyde and Phthalates. The related test reports are available on the hanflor Website. Please refer to Formaldehyde, Ortho-Phthalates, and Floorscore Certified

How may I obtain a sample?

Sample are free and available, pls contact  us for free sample 

Where is your flooring manufactured?

Our beautiful floor planks are produced in China

Free of harmful chemicals?

All hanflor products are Floorscore Certified, free of harmful chemical contents like formaldehyde and Phthalates. The related test reports are available on the hanflor Website. Please refer to Formaldehyde, Ortho-Phthalates, and Floorscore Certification.

What is the difference between a Micro Bevel & a Painted Edge?

The micro bevel shaves the wear layer down at a slight angle to create a distinct look for each flooring piece, and it assists in mitigating subfloor inconsistency.A painted bevel is considered an upgrade to a micro-bevel finish. It is how it sounds; the edges of each piece are painted with a special machine with a complementing color to the floor. This added detail brings dimension and interest to the floor, highlighting each boards' character

is vinyl flooring warp in heat?

is vinyl flooring warp in heat? Yes... ReasonWarping - when there are temperature changes, your vinyl plank flooring might expand, and that’s what we call warping. You might experience it during the installation process if your floor is exposed to direct sunlight. Also, warping can happen if you use glue-down planks and there is water spillage.Take measuresScrape away any existing adhesive that has failed, softening it with a hairdryer if necessary. Apply new adhesive and work the vinyl tile back into place. Roll over the area to smooth out the buckled area and ensure proper adhesion of the adhesive. Place a few weights on the floor while the adhesive is drying. Recommended SPC series floorHeat Resistant Interior Click SPC Flooring SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) floor, also known as SPC rigid vinyl floor, is a new type of environmentally friendly floor based on high-tech development. The rigid core is extruded, and then the wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and hard core are laminated and embossed at one time through a four-roll calender, which is perfect, and achieves the effect of durable, waterproof and heat-resistant three-in-one. ---CONTACT US

Is vinyl good for bathrooms?

Is vinyl good for bathrooms? Yes...Vinyl is a standout choice for bathroom flooring. Vinyl plank floors are a popular flooring option among homeowners,There are several different vinyl products, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl roll (also known as sheet vinyl), and both of these are excellent bathroom flooring choices. They're durable, moisture-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and warm underfoot. Vinyl comes in a variety of styles, designs and colors to match any bathroom decor. Vinyl is also water and stain resistant, quite versatile, and offers great durability, bearing in mind its cost.  Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Hot Selling Recommendations:Flexible LVT FlooringMaterial: PVCApplication method: Glue on the floor.Thickness: 3 mmWear layer: 0,3 mm48 "x 9"x 3mm (wear layer 0,3mm)Appearance: Wood ---CONTACT US

Are LVT floors flexible?

Is SPC flooring Durable? Durable And Long-lasting SPC is durable, often even more durable than LVP. It's scuff, dent and scratch resistant and can take the traffic of active households. Because the core of SPC multi-layered floor planks is created from a stone powder and pvc plastic combination that produces an incredibly durable dent-resistant material that doesn't expand and contract with environmental changes. Don't be surprised to find SPC flooring can actually last 20 years over if it's well maintained. That is also why some big brands of SPC flooring is able to provide warranties of 15 years and above. ---CONTACT US

Are LVT floors flexible?

Are LVT floors flexible? Yes..This is a very soft floor Vinyl floor is a softer material than tile, and depending on the multilayer construction can be cut or torn,Vinyl offers you a slightly softer walking surface and bass noise reduction, making it a great choice for a bedroom, den or nursery. Vinyl floor makes the floor under your feet more shock absorbing and less tiring when walking or standing for long periods of time.(very soft) Recommend our flexible LVT floor (hot sale detail)Material: PVCDry backNot rigidNot self-adhesiveApplication method: Glue on the floor.Thickness: 3 mmWear layer: 0,3 mm48 ”x 9”x 3mm (wear layer 0,3mm)Appearance: Wood ---CONTACT US

Is SPC flooring soundproof?

Is SPC flooring soundproof? The Sound-absorbing SPC Flooring series not only has good sound insulation but also provides a good foot feel. For even further improved sound reduction and softness underfoot, Soundproofing SPC Floor uses materials that absorb shock, sound, and low resonance frequency to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect.Generally speaking, the Sound-absorbing SPC flooring has a backing of IXPE/EVA/CORK material. ---CONTACT US


WHY SHEET RIGID CORE VINYL FLOORING? Rigid core is a type of luxury vinyl flooring that typically combines a vinyl print layer with a “rigid” core layer to provide more dimensional stability and resistance to dents and scratches. DIMENSIONAL STABILITY Dimensional stability is very important in flooring as it determines how much your floor will “move” after it is installed. Flooring products that are less dimensionally stable may experience shrinkage and/or swelling due to external temperature changes and the amount of moisture that occurs when the humidity fluctuates in the room. This type of change in your flooring can be visually unappealing. The rigid core enhances the floor’s ability to maintain its dimensional stability despite temperature and humidity fluctuations in the room.Dimensional stability isn’t the only benefit of rigid core vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is typically made up of multiple layers that all work together to enhance the floor’s performance. Most rigid core vinyl products are made up of 4 basic layers: a wear layer, a vinyl print layer, a rigid core layer, and a backing layer. The wear layer is very important as it protects the vinyl print layer and adds resistance against stains, scratches, and everyday foot traffic.The rigid core layer adds dimensional stability but also plays a role in the underfoot comfort and sound absorption of the flooring. The backing layer helps secure your new floor to the subfloor, as well as adds some underfoot cushioning and sound dampening performance. WATERPROOF Another benefit of rigid core vinyl flooring is that the core is waterproof.This means that the flooring will not absorb or change its shape if exposed to water. This is an important feature allowing the floor to be installed in rooms where spills are common like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. However, it is important that any spills that occur are wiped up promptly and that any water or moisture issues in the room be addressed before installing any new flooring. This will ensure the subfloor underneath remains clean and dry. CONTACT US Hanflor-Vinyl Flooring ManufacturerWell experienced for 20 years, we have established global trade in resilient vinyl flooring for commercial and residential use in over 50 regions. To simply put it, we make and sell realistic PVC flooring. Our goal is to supply you with quality resilient flooring products and make trading with China as easy as possible.

What is LVT Flooring?

WHAT IS LVT FLOORING? LVT flooring, (luxury vinyl tile), is the ideal combination of everything a flooring product should be – elegantly designed, highly durable, and easy to maintain. LVT, which stands for Luxury vinyl tile, is an engineered, luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring option that enjoys great popularity in most countries and areas. LVT’s core is constructed of virgin vinyl and limestone for ultimate stability. The main benefits of waterproofing offer the look of real wood, easy install, and no hassle-free maintenance can go over most subfloors without much preparation. In addition, this floor not only has excellent waterproof and sound-dampening properties but also gives your feet a very warm, soft floor touch. UV reinforcement coating Outstanding duraility&easy to care for. Transparent & wear-resisting layer The core protection film for the long service life. Backing material layer for balance Support the balance of the floor structure. has good fre-etardance . Hearth layer for stabilityUse 100% renewable &recyclable material, decrease the toughness;prevent damage from transfer and install.                                                                            ---CONTACT US

What Is Our Factory Product Range?

Vinyl flooring Rigid SPC floors are 100% waterproof and feature wide, long planks for a real solid wood look.With a thickness of 4.0mm and a wear layer of 0.3mm, the rigid SPC floor is durable enough to take on any challenge.Hard SPC floors are stronger and snap into place easily using a snap system. Accessories Skirting Size: 2400x90x15mmThickness of flooring: ≥4mm T-Moulding Size: 2400x45x6mmThickness of flooring: ≥4mm Reducer Size: 2400x45x8mmThickness of flooring: ≥4mm