Time: 2017-05-15


Recently, China’s OBOR catches great attention. Over 100 countries and international organizations have supported and got involved in this initiative.

The essence of OBOR is to promote regional and cross-continental connectivity between China and Eurasia.


The initiative consists of two major parts:

Silk Road Economic Belt

Road stretching from China to Europe and encompassing a host of trade and infrastructure projects

21st Century Maritime Silk Road

Sea-based network of shipping lanes and port developments throughout Asia and the Pacific.


These two projects are known collectively as One Belt, One Road, or Belt and Road, or the New Silk Road.

While the historical Silk Road was an upshot of bottom-up trade activities, driven mainly by nations outside China, the OBOR intiative is designed by China’s ruling elites. It represents a cross-continental mercantile strategy and will do a great to global economy.

As one foreign trade corporation, we will definitely look forward to this great policy. As is said, “History is our best teacher.” We will embrace our difference like we used to do in our history, and try to realize and share global prosperity.

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